change is the inevitable.

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New Zealand.

Please feel free to ask me anything.

Sorry I'm not going to be posting frequently as I'll be busy with the Disney International College Program! My program is from January 2014-January 2015!

Disclaimer: None of the photos I posted are mine unless stated.

So in a space of 3 weeks, things went from good to bad. What i thought was something going well and good, it turned a 180 and abruptly ended.

I don’t understand why you’ll be territorial or laying down somewhat of boundaries, if you ended up breaking it off. Might i add that I had to ask in order to end things. I’m fine that it’s over and you’ve moved on, but give me the respect that i gave you. That’s the only thing that fucked me off.

I just wished you ended it differently.

Oh my Fuck. People need to really consider other people’s feelings

I’m just letting go now. Just going to let nature take it’s course. Even though he texted back, it somewhat felt forced or unnatural. Oh well, that’s life for ya anyway.

Being in limbo sucks.